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Semester 1 & 2
4th Per. Directed Research AP/Hon.
8th Per. Directed Research AP/Hon.
Library TA's
IVC Class Facilitator

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Mission Statement

The Media Knight Library exists to provide informational and technological resources, teach literacy and digital citizenship, develop ethical research skills and promote a love of reading. The library also provides a safe, diverse and empowering environment for class instruction, studying and socializing as well as providing academic and recreational activities. 


Monday -Friday: 7:15a - 3:00p   

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NHS Library Plagiarism Checklist

Click here for a printable PDF

Student Plagiarism Checklist

Northridge High School


Plagiarism- The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.


Refer to this checklist to make sure that you do not plagiarize.  Before you hand in your project, read each item and double check to make sure you have followed the guideline. Once you have completed the checklist, sign the statement at the bottom, and hand in this checklist with your project.


                                                     HAVE YOU. . .                                   Circle Answer

1)  . . . correctly paraphrased/summarized and included accurate citations to indicate the

            information you have taken from another person’s work?

• Used your own words?       • Used only words you understand?


YES       N/A

2) . . . used a FEW direct quotations and cite the source?

                           • Carefully selected the quotes to make important points?

                           • Used quotation marks or block quotations to indicate direct quotations?

                           • Did you explain why you are including the quotation?


YES         N/A

3) . . . included a reference for every image, diagram, or figure that you are   

           borrowing from another source, even if you modified it?

YES         N/A

4) . . . included a reference list of all the works that you have cited?

          • followed the appropriate citation format for  this project?  (MLA, APA, etc...)

          • included a Works Cited/Bibliography page?


YES         N/A

5) . . . saved copies of the original sources that you have referenced?

           (digital articles, bookmarked webpages, print resources etc…)

           • This is to prevent you from including information without a citation or      

               information that has the wrong reference source.


YES        N/A

6) . . . saved copy(s) of your rough draft(s) to your OneDrive English homework folder?

YES        N/A

7) . . . avoided copying and pasting text from another source (other than direct quotes

           that you have correctly cited)?

        • Copying & pasting text without citing it or substituting a few words is PLAGIARISM!

        • This is academic misconduct and punishable by loss of points, credit, or a citizenship “U”.


YES         N/A

8) . . . avoided using another student’s work or submitted someone else’s work as your own?

          • Copying someone else’s work is PLAGIARISM and has serious consequences.

          • Allowing someone else to copy your work is COLLUSION.


YES        N/A

9) . . . avoided copying a previous assignment, or parts of a previous assignment to submit for this current assignment?

     • This is called SELF-PLAGIARISM! ("recycling" your own work, but representing it as new work, is plagiarizing yourself, because it is not a new creation for the current assignment, and it is dishonest, unless authorized by your instructor.)            

                                                                                                                                     Source: http://answers.gpc.edu/faq/78977



Yes        N/A


Created by the Davis Teacher Librarian Association from open source resources. For educational use only.


































This plagiarism checklist is a modified version of a document found at: https://academicintegrity.curtin.edu.au/local/docs/StudentChecklist.pdf.                     




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Feel free to chat with Ms. Broach about what you would like to have available in the Media Knight Library. 

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Library Information


Monday - Friday: 7:15a - 3:00p

(except for late start; subject to change without notice)

Policies and Guidelines

Operational Guidelines
Revised August 2018
Table of Contents:
Section A: Mission, Hours, Library Conduct
Section B: Circulation, Makerspace Kits, Overdue & Lost/Damaged Materials
Section C: Library Reservations, Tutorial, Library Instruction
Section D: Book Recommendations, Collection Development, Inventory/Weeding, Social Media, Clubs

The mission of the Media Knight Library is to provide informational and technological resources, teach media-digital literacy, research skills and to promote a love of reading. We also provide a safe environment for class instruction, studying and socializing as well as providing academic and recreational activities.

 Monday -Friday: 7:15a - 3:00
 (Hours are subject to change without notice, will open later during late starts.)
• Open during late start, lunch, tutorial (limited to computer lab only).
• Hours are subject to change without notice.
• A valid teacher pass is required during class time and a library tutorial pass is required during tutorial.
• Students on Home Release should not be on campus and will not be allowed to just “hang-out” in the library unless given special permission by an administrator or school counselor.

The Media Knight Library is for everyone!  Therefore, we all contribute to its success! Please respect the library and its materials.

• Theft or damage of materials will be referred to the school administration and a replacement cost will be added to your student account.
• It is not a “silent” place but a “quiet” place, use appropriate voice levels.
• Respect other patrons and their right to study in a quiet and safe environment.
• No food or beverages are allowed. Please push in your chair when you leave.
• Inappropriate or offensive language will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.
• Students have signed the Technology Acceptable Use Agreement. Any unethical or other violations including physically damaging or altering computer equipment or software will result in revoking your computer rights and referral to the school’s administration. All computers are monitored using district approved monitoring software.


All members of the school community may search the online library catalogs on the school library or district webpage or through the mobile apps.

Destiny Catalog- NHS Books and eBooks
*Student login: student username & PIN#
*Faculty login: Encore username & password.

Sora- eBooks and Audio Books (school district catalog only)

*Student login:  student email and PIN#.           
*Faculty login: Encore user name & password

OverDrive- eBooks and Audio Books.
*Student login:  student email and PIN#.           
*Faculty login: Encore user name & password

A Student ID number or badge is required for checkouts at the circulation desk.
• 5 print books may be checked out for 21 days
• Reference materials are for in-library use.
• Books may be renewed one time if there are no holds.
• Holds may be placed via the online Destiny Library Catalog and will expire in 3 school days.
• You will be notified of your available holds via your student e-mail account.
• Patrons may checkout materials only for themselves.

Student's may checkout Makerspace kits or materials before or after school and during lunch times.
• A late fine of 10¢/day will accrue up to a maximum fine of $5.00 (20 days overdue).
• Students may not check-out books if they have a lost book fine. An exception will be made for books required for English or other classes to be read as part of a class set.
• Overdue notices will be emailed to the student, parent/guardian (weekly), and English Teacher if they are taking an English class.
• Payment may be made through myDSD or in the main office.
• Extended due dates can be arranged for extenuating circumstances. Please let Ms. Broach know in a timely manner.

• Books are marked lost when fines reach $5.00.
• Any damage that results in not being able to use a book or item (including Makerspace kits or library equipment) will be assessed a replacement cost.
• A replacement price + a $2.00 processing fee will be added to the student’s myDSD account.
• Payment may be made through myDSD or in the main office.
  • All students are given a 10 day grace period before fines are charged. If students turn in materials before the 10 days, the fines will be forgiven. If materials are returned after he 10-day grace period then fines will be charged.
  • If you your lost book is returned within 30 days, and you have paid your lost fine, you will be refunded. You will still be responsible for the $5.00 late fine.
  • After 30 days, no refunds will be given.


LIBRARY RESERVATIONS (Main Library, Library Lab, Green Screen Room)
All reservations are made through the library media specialist who will record the reservation on the school wide library calendar. Teachers have first preference for their classes during the school day.  Other school or district organizations, committees, clubs or groups may make reservations when needed.

• Social Media/Communication website use (other than school email) will result the student being sent to a school administrator.
• Please no food or beverages in the library. Exceptions are made for activities in the library conference room. 
• You are responsible for cleanup and leaving reserved library area as you found it.
Students are required to attend a class on their schedule for tutorial (10:20 am-10:50 am M, W, F). Students must obtain a written Library Tutorial Pass from any teacher listed on your current term schedule prior to tutorial to be in the library and you must have a valid reason (homework, taking a test, printing etc.). 
The librarian is a licensed secondary educator and therefore:

• Instructs selected classes in the library or is assigned classes, and Teacher Assistants (TA’s) or University Library Media Interns for the school year.
• Hosts reserved library spaces for other classes.
• Hosts community or district guests for trainings or activities.
• Assists other teachers in their classrooms.
• Technology training on Canvas basics, Microsoft 365 & OneDrive, Google Tools, Hyperdocs, QR Codes, Augmented Reality, various educational technology tools and curriculum integration of these tools.
Co-teaching in the library or in classrooms:
                        Library Orientation             Research                  Breakout EDU Kits
                        Utah’s Online Library         Digital Citizenship    Book Talks
Lessons on:
                   Copyright          Digital Literacy                          Genres                             Choosing books
                    Citations           Censorship/Banned Books       Dewey Classifications     Fake News

• Scheduling of the Library, Library Computer/Laptop Lab, and Green Screen Room by calling the main library number at 801-402-8588 or talking with the library media specialist.
• Collaboration for special guest speakers 
• Student rental/check-out of TI-83 Math Calculators and 10 Chromebooks.
• Acquisition of recommended reading/digital materials necessary for your content area (based on longevity of use, budget availability and items remain a part of the library collection).
• Test Proctoring
• Printing: 5 free pages per assignment
A school level Library Advisory Board is in place in the event of a challenge to materials. The library advisory board will consist of an administrator, teacher, student (s), librarian, community council and PTA member and a certified staff member.
All challenges to materials will be first addressed at the school level and if needed at the District Level per the Davis District Reconsideration Policies.

The use of all information will be in accordance with copyright law and fall within acceptable educational fair use guidelines. Academic integrity requires that proper credit be given to authors and creators of original works. This includes teacher websites, instructional materials, student assignments and the use of online images. 
Copyright Free Resources:
Text books:
  • UEN Open Educational Resources
  • Creative Commons
  • Pixabay
Audio-visual materials:
  • eMedia (found on the district library webpage)
  • Safari Montage
Donated materials are appreciated and accepted if they contribute to the overall purpose of the library program.
• Materials will be considered according to School District Acquisition policy.
• Monetary Donations can be made through the office.


Requests for purchase of recommended fiction and non-fiction materials are welcome from patrons and may be made by filling out a request form under the Catalog tab of the Library website. Request will be considered according to budget constraints and our acquisition policy.

 The selection of library materials will be accomplished with the primary goal of supporting curriculum and a secondary goal of encouraging independent reading. Priority will be given to subject teachers assign as part of collaborative instruction.
The following considerations will be considered:
  • Does the item support the curriculum?
  • Does the item fulfill teacher & student needs?
  • Does the item support technology goals? Is it available in digital form?
  • Is the item relevant and current?
  • Does the item encourage reading for pleasure and fit with student interest?
Periodic evaluation of materials will be conducted in order maintain an up-to-date and well-balanced collection.
• The professional staff alone is responsible for routine addition or removal of individual items.
• Inventory will take place once a year or as necessary. If an item is missing for more than a school year it is deleted and/or replaced.
• Weeded materials will be handled according to School District Policy.

The library has a public Facebook Page and a Public Instagram Page.  All photos that include likenesses of students do not identify the student by name in accordance with Davis District Policies.  Students are asked to give verbal consent to be photographed or asked if they have not signed a school photography waiver.  All photographs are taken promote the best interest of the library, its patrons and programming in fostering a positive online library presence that promotes reading and literacy.

The library is a place where academic and non-curricular clubs may meet. Any club or organization may reserve the library by emailing or talking with the library media specialist. The teacher librarian facilitates clubs in accordance with the Davis District Club guidelines. 


Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards

Copyright , Fair Use & Creative Commons Resources

Library Survey

If you are a student, tell us how we are doing! Your input is important to us!

Media Knight Library Survey

Library Calendar

Schedule the Library

Schedule a Library Orientation 

Schedule a Library Lesson

  • Censorship
  • Plagiarism
  • Research
  • Book Talks
  • Digital Citizenship
  • How to Spot Fake News
  • Collaborate with Ms. Broach on a lesson
  • Copyright/Fair Use
  • Classical Book Circles






Library Clubs and Library Classes

Student Clubs

Banned Books Club

Meets during lunch every third Wednesday of every month unless otherwise stated. 

The Banned Books club is a student led club aimed at discussing and discovering banned/challenged literature. $15 dues are paid in the office and help pay for club t-shirts or book give-a-ways. 



Directed Research

Directed Research is for students enrolled in AP/CE/Honors classes who have rigorous academic  schedules. This class allows for extra study time and support from the Teacher Librarian. Students are expected to be self-directed, independent, and are held to high standards. 

Library Media Skills

Library Media Skills is for Juniors or Seniors with strong work ethic and open minds. Students learn how to manage a school library which includes information literacy skills. This graded course allows students a first hand experience in the day of a life of a Teacher Librarian. 


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20k Items in our collection                                55% Fiction/45% Nonfiction                            12.1 Items per student